Celeb Turn To Chlorophyll To Fight Skin Blemishes

A-list celebrity Reese Witherspoon recently told InStyle magazine that her secret to take care of skin blemishes is a spoonful of chlorophyll in her water.  She swears by this method and says it removes any unsightly blemish in a day or two.  Now, before we all go out and buy some chlorophyll supplements, let’s discuss whether or not it really does have the ability to clear up the skin.

Chlorophyll is the stuff that makes plants green and is what turns light into energy for our leafy friends.  In the hands of humans, it also provides some unique and beneficial uses to our bodies.

Because it shares a similar structure to human heme (or blood), it works as a wonderful blood booster.  In fact, doctors sometimes give chlorophyll pills to mothers who have just given birth as it helps their bodies to replenish lost blood supplies.  In addition, it helps our blood to carry more oxygen throughout the body.  Increases in oxygen allows for healthier organ function and healthier looking skin.

Chlorophyll contains a lot of antioxidants.  Antioxidants are good because they help to remove harmful things like carcinogens,  toxins and other free radical compounds from the body.

It also is a powerful antibacterial.  Chlorophyll has shown a remarkable ability to prevent the growth of many types of harmful bacteria.

A natural deodorant.  Believe it or not, chlorophyll can also reduce body odor and bad breath.  Even more remarkable is that it works internally.  Yep, when you take chlorophyll, it works by binding to odor molecules and zaps them before they are absorbed into your skin and sweat.

Chlorophyll is a great, natural body cleanser.  People often use it as part of a colon cleanse or a detoxification regiment.

So how exactly does chlorophyll work to take care of skin blemishes? Well, as we know, pimples are caused by bacteria and a build up of oil, dirt and toxins.  Chlorophyll reduces pimple bacteria due to it’s antimicrobial abilities.  It also removes toxins and cleans the body which in turn creates healthier skin.  Increased oxygen and blood flow also help to keep pores clear and clean.

The best part about it is that chlorophyll is all natural.  There are no burning or stinging chemicals.  It’s safe to use, there aren’t any side effects and it can be just as effective as some of the more expensive pimple products out there.  Hey, if it’s good enough for Reese, it’s good enough for us!

5 Ways To Stop Bad Breath When You Don’t Have A Mint

Now ladies, there are a few things we never leave the house with, unfortunately one of those items aren’t breath mints.  I mean, who has the room right?  Usually it’s not a big deal.  We brush, we floss and we take care of our mouths.  Well, it just takes one halitosis incident to throw a wrench in the whole night; whether you’re aware of it or not.

Bad breath causes typically result from bacteria, food and smelly odor compounds produced  by both.  Bacteria live in our mouths.  It sounds gross, but it’s a part of life so we just have to deal with it.  Nothing that you do will ever fully get rid of it, however controlling them is key in keeping bad breath at bay.  They feed off of proteins in the oral cavity and release odor compounds that smell really bad.  This is bad breath in a nutshell.

Well fortunately there are things that you can do to ensure that you don’t need a breath mint waiting on stand by.  Knowledge is power, and keeping these 5 helpful tips in mind just might come in handy when you need it most.

1) Brush, Brush, Floss, Floss – Seems like a no brainer and something we do twice a day.  Yes, that’s true but there are more effective ways for doing these things that can yield better results in the breath department.  Brushing your teeth is more than just about preventing cavities and gum disease.  It’s also about reducing bad breath.  Toothpaste contains antibacterial ingredients that help to remove them.  Bacteria love to hide out in the crooks and crevasses of your mouth… especially in the tiny grooves of the tongue.

Speaking of the tongue, did you know that if you don’t clean your tongue, dead bacteria, dead cells and tiny bits of left over food particles starts to build up, and under all of that are live bacteria that continue to feed and release odor compounds?

2) A Tarty Drink –  My personal favorite is cranberry juice, but basically anything with a little sour to it will work fine.  The goal here is to stimulate your saliva.  Saliva is a natural defense against bad breath.  It not only is an antiseptic, but it also washes away junk off of your mouth.  Saliva makes life harder on bacteria and in turn makes it easier on your breath.

3) No Sugar – Sugar tastes good and we all love it’s sweet kiss in our mouth.  However, it also has an adverse effect on the pH balance in our mouth.  Normally our oral cavity maintains a balanced acidity level.  Sugar can throw that balance off and when that happens bacteria often times can thrive better.  Again, more bacteria means more stink being produced.  Make the connection.

4) Listen, Don’t Speak – Sounds a bit strange, especially coming from a girl, but talking too much will dry out your mouth.  Remember, saliva is your friend.  If you’re a motor mouth, try to at least pause for breaths of air and let your mouth re moisturize itself before you continue on that 2 hour tirade.

5) Chlorophyll Supplements – The great thing about chlorophyll pills is that they work to reduce odor all day and night.  This means you don’t need to have them on you when you’re having a bad breath day.  Chlorophyll works internally and it absorbs those odor compounds before they can offend the people around you.


How To Control Feminine Odor

Keeping how you smell ‘down there’ can be a challenge.  Sometimes she doesn’t want to cooperate and can take on a mind of her own.  For reasons we aren’t quite sure of, our lady parts can start to smell, espeically at the most inopportune times.  The reason often times can have nothing to do with cleanliness.  In fact, feminine odor isn’t always a result of not keeping it clean.  Internal factors and even the food we eat all can contribute to the scent.

There are many methods to take care of this, but one method that I found to be most effective is Body Mint Lady.  It’s a pill that you take and it helps to remove not only body odor and bad breath, but vaginal odor as well.  It’s made of natural ingredients and because it’s a dietary supplement, there are no messes or hassles with applying it.

How it works is rather interesting.  Our bodies produce all kinds of chemicals.  The foods we eat contain many different types of chemicals.  Some of these chemicals have a distinct smell to it.  Most common are what are known as sulfides or trimethylamine.  These give off either a fishy or egg like smell that can come through the skin and other opening.

Body Mint Lady works by absorbing these compounds before they are emitted and neutralize them in a safe and natural way.  Taking the pills twice a day is more than enough to keep you fully protected, and gives you the peace of mind for those sensitive situations.

I personally have been using it for a few months now and have had nothing but great results.  As a side benefit, it also contains vitamin D and calcium, as well as a bit of lavender oil.  I’ve also started to notice my breath doesn’t smell… not that it ever was a problem, but we’ve all had times during the day when we reached for a piece of gum.  However, since being on the Body Mint Lady, I haven’t recalled a time or need to do so.

Quite honestly, this is a fantastic product, not just because it works, but again because it’s easy to use.  I don’t like messy products and I don’t like how uncomfortable they can make me feel at times.  I also don’t like the fact that many of the stuff out there now have ingredients I’ve only seen in chemistry class.  It’s definitely a bonus that Body Mint Lady is all natural.